Dew Drops offer the thrill of your lives
into a biodiversity hotspot

Where you can have amphibians, fish birds, mammals, flowering plants, and reptiles as your new companions. Dew Drop offers adventure seekers the experience of a lifetime in a picture-perfect landscape which is set against the powerful Sahyadris. Dandeli is famous for its undulating hillocks, free-flowing Kali river, Acacia forests, and indigenous plantations that spread across more than 2,000 square kilometers. The place is located at an elevation of about 470 meters above sea level.


Why Choose Dew Drops?

Dew Drops is the only resort in Dandeli, which lies in the lap of Mother Nature. Dew Drops also helps you with trips to the nearest sight scenes like that of the Syntheri Rocks, Disney park for the children, Moulangi Eco-park, Supa Dam, the Crocodile Park to enjoy nature and its creations and also the Nagoda Backwaters, which are pretty famous in Karnataka. If you visit Dandeli, then the stay at Dew Drops would be an ideal choice for you, your family, and your friends!


About Us

Dew Drops offer comfort to the customers during the stay at Dandeli and the above thrilling experiences. We believe it to be our first and foremost responsibility and dutifulness towards the customers to look after them and make sure that their trip goes well and fine at Dandeli. We have earned the right name among all the other resorts at Dandeli with hard work and years of experience.


A Plethora of Accommodation Options

This exclusive resort offers various types of accommodation facilities to tourists. Each room will provide a picturesque view of the lush green forests.

AC Deluxe Rooms
Commando Cottages
Camping Tents
If your soul craves some luxury

you can avail yourself of the AC deluxe rooms. The luxurious villas come with a spacious porch and lush garden. The AC villas are equipped with royally designed bathrooms, modern amenities, and lounge rooms.


We offers you the best Hospitality in this industry

One of the very few resorts in Dandeli that offers great hospitality and provides resources of having indoor and outdoor activities such as Campfire, Swimming pool, indoor games, sightseeing, and many adventurous activities which surly will helps you in recharging and refreshing the mood of you entire member. Not just because of the amenities that we offer but also the kind of location it is situated in is worth spending time with your Loved ones (couple-friendly), Family, Friends.


Why a Resort in Dandeli ?

Dandeli is situated on the bank of the Kali river in the western ghats of Northern Karnataka. Dandeli itself offers many places and adventurous activities to indulge yourself and take a break from your day to day stressful life. Dandeli has to offer you its different moods in different months of the year, such as Dense vegetation after the spring season i.e during February – march.

Tiger Reserve

Dandeli attracts you towards its incredible Wildlife, trekking and it also allows you to experience live wild animals, you can also hoarfrost Tiger Reserve.

Caves, water sports in Kali River, Supa Dam

which acts as a contrasting element as it has two Electric generation stations.

Anshi National Park

where you can sight very rarely seen species like panthers, Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, Sambar deer, etc where you can virtually hang out with wild animals.


What We Offer

We offer you neat & clean accommodation at an affordable price along with Pick up & Drop facility with a fully sanitized stay. We also take all necessary preventive measures in this COVID-19 pandemic so that you stay safe, as your well being and good health is our top priority. We offer you a great viewing experience of nature and the surrounding landscape from your room. We also offer free Car Parking, WI-FI, Swimming Pool, DJ Music, and multi-cuisine food and beverages.


What’s for you in Dew Drops?

If you are in a serious dilemma regarding the resorts choice at Dandeli for a stay, the following points will not give you one. Still, several reasons to choose Dew Drops over any other alternative or stay at Dandeli.

Visit Dandeli with your family and the elder members of the family

You can get more than one option for a safe stay at Dandeli. You can smoothly go for the deluxe rooms, which are equipped with all kinds of facilities like televisions, clean washrooms, and most importantly, air conditioners.

If you have planned the trip
with your friends

You can choose to stay in the commando tents and enjoy all night long. If you are one of those jungle lovers, then camping might be an ideal option to enjoy the thrilling nights in the forests at Dandeli..

Dew Drops also lets you enjoy some of the in house events and participate in the funactivities of life

You can go for super thrilling trekking experiences at Dandeli during your stay at Dew Drops.

Dew Drops not only promises to make you enjoy your trip to Dandeli but also promises to maintainyour health

You can also be a part of other regular activities at Dandeli along with your young ones, like swimming and cycling. Such actions will let you and your family stay fit.


An Unparalleled Living Experience at Dew Drops

The Dew Drops design is in harmony with the bountiful surrounding. The fresh air generating from the forests and mountains will cleanse your mind and body. Our resort blends comfort with nature to enable our tourists to get the best of both worlds.

Open your eyes to a mesmerizing view of the Dandeli and breathe in unspoiled air. Our cottages overlook the scenic Acacia forest and glistening river making you immerse in the beauty of nature.


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