Dandeli has been quenching the thirst of adventurers by bringing them close to the truest form of nature. Situated at the center of the majestic Kali river basin, Dandeli is blessed with rugged terrain that opens the door for a plethora of water activities. The Dew Drops Dandeli is a picture-perfect jungle resort for all adventure enthusiasts.

Experience an unparalleled adrenaline rush while river rafting, splash and rejuvenate your body in the natural Jacuzzi, and meander in the Kayaks. There's never a dull moment while you are in Dandeli. Dew Drops Dandeli offers you a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities.

From water zip-lane to coracle rides, kayaking, jungle trekking, free fall, swimming, river crossing, safari, and river rafting, Dandeli is a haven for adventurers.

River Rafting

If riding on the thrilling river currents gets your adrenaline rush satisfied, then Dandeli is your ideal tourist spot. Dew Drops offers sturdy high-quality rafts to travelers to take care of their safety needs. Moreover, tourists can benefit from the in-house trained and licensed trainers to understand the tactics and nuances of river rafting.

Shriek out of joy when you miss a heartbeat while rafting over the exhilarating rapids and undulating terrain of the river Kali. Click some Instagram-worthy pictures and shoot some reels while you are rafting.


Dew Drops offers a lifetime Kayaking experience in the river Kali where you can ride the currents alone. The currents in the river Kali are less fierce than other rivers which makes it an ideal place for kayaking. You can paddle around the small islands and witness the beauty of the dense forests.

The Kali river offers both still and rapid trails to meander across the river while kayaking. You will be guided by experienced trainers at Dew Drops to enjoy this sweet experience without sacrificing your safety.


Dew Drops offers an unparalleled trekking experience to its guests at the start of dawn. Before you start your walk, gorge on the lip-smacking breakfast included in your package at Dew Drops. The trained guides at Dew Drops will take you across massive deciduous forests and steady climb to allow you to witness the unfiltered nature. The squeals of birds, shrieks of the arboreal animals, and the calls of the wild animals from a distance will amplify your trekking experience.

Kids will be fascinated by the choice of large trees available here – from Teakwood to Arjun, Ficus, Behada, Peepal, Sal, and many more. If you love learning about diverse species and climbing up the steep slopes of the hill, you can't miss out on trekking while being at Dandeli.

Mountain Cycling

Enjoy thrilling mountain biking with specially equipped bikes that will allow you to maintain your balance on the rough terrain of Dandeli. The off-road tracks at Dandeli are a gem for mountain biking.

You can explore the scenic view of nature and explore the uneven topography at Dandeli. The bikes are specially designed to keep you safe while cycling across the mountain trails. You can also contact the mountain bike guides at Dew Drops to have a thrilling yet safe experience.

Natural Jacuzzi

Sit near the shores of the Kali river on the huge rocks and enjoy the sound of the gushing water. The pleasant sunlight, the smell of flora, and the running water touching your body is the best therapy offered by nature.

The guides at Dew Drops will help you to take a bath at the natural Jacuzzi. People of all ages can enjoy this activity during their stay at the Dew Drops Dandeli jungle resort.

Coracle Boat Rides

If you love being surrounded by nature and witness the beauty of flowing rivers, you need to try the coracle boat ride. Coracle boats are lightweight with a round shape usually used by fishermen at Dandeli to catch fish. Often, the local fisherman uses these coracle boats to ride through the still waters of river Kali.

Coracle boat rides are popular among the tourists as it allows them to enjoy the still parts of the river while maintaining safety. You can also relax and soak in the beauty of the surrounding greenery.

Water Zipline

If you love an adventurous rope activity, you must try the water zipline during your stay at Dandeli. Each zipline activity at Dandeli allows you to catch glimpses of the surrounding forests, spot wild animals below, and oar above the river Kali.

It is the perfect blend of adrenalin-pumping exhilarations and picture-perfect views. The thrill of jumping into the river at the end zip-lining is unmatched.

River Crossing

When you are Dandeli, there are endless activities to try out. If you like participating in challenging activities, try river crossing at Dandeli.

This activity at river Kali will satiate your hunger for thrilling activities. You will cross the river with the help of a safety harness that is usually tied to a thick rope above the Kali river. The need for strength and balance and the fervor of the flowing river makes this activity incredibly exciting and thrilling. However, you will have experienced guides from your resort to ensure your safety while you are crossing the river.

Dandeli is a hidden gem for all adventure enthusiasts. From mesmerizing sightseeing locations to nerve-wracking activities, Dandeli offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to its tourists. Have an exciting day and come back to your jungle stay at night to relax and energize. Dew Drops Dandeli resorts offer the best amenities including a campfire and DJ music to brighten up your nights too.

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