Enjoy Your Detox Time - Amazing Packages at Dandeli Jungle Resorts

Dandeli is a picturesque paradise in northern Karnataka, which is famous for its lush green forests, pristine streams, and amazing flora and fauna. Perched in the Western Ghats, it is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, Dandeli resorts are sought-after for their unique combination of luxury and fun-filled activities.

Have you become very much obsessed with the wholesome life that has made everything dull for you? Or are you frustrated with the gloomy atmosphere at the workplace? If yes, then it is time for you to change your taste and adopt Jungle Retreat Dandeli and take a much-needed break to get away from it all. And to make your holiday memorable, Dandeli Jungle Resort is at your service.

Once you are at the Dandeli Jungle Resort, you will be absolutely cut off from the rest of the outside world. This would provide you with a chance to reconnect with nature and feel its goodness all around you.

A calming stay at the best Resorts in Dandeli will have an ever-lasting impact on your mind as well as body, soothing and relaxing you to the very core.

Set in the beautiful backdrops of the Western Ghats, Dandeli Jungle Resort is one of the resorts. The Best Resorts in Dandeli amalgamates the rustic with the modern and aims to give visitors a unique and thrilling holiday experience. The enchanting surroundings will soothe your soul and ignite in you the love for nature, wildlife, and all things natural.

With many years of experience in the hospitality and hotel sector, we exactly know how to treat our guests. Also, the scenic location of our Resorts in Dandeli is such that they provide an exotic getaway to travelers who wish to experience the natural beauty of Dandeli and the Western Ghats.


Why Choose Us?

Kali Adventure Camp

The perennial waters of river Kali are ideal for rafting and water sports Best Dandeli Jungle Resorts activities. If you wish to feel the adrenaline rush, then you should not wait any longer. In Dandeli, Kali Adventure Camp is the best option for adventure as well as nature lovers. The rafting experience is simply mind-blowing, and you will be at the edge all through.

Beautiful Jungle Lodges

The jungle lodges are extremely beautiful and done up in a rustic, rural style. Yet adequate care has been taken to equip it with modern facilities and services. You will feel closer to nature and also at home in our Dandeli Jungle Camp.

Scenic Views

If you are looking for the best Jungle Resort in Dandeli then you will be amazed by what our rooms have to offer. Besides luxury and comfort at its best, the windows of the room open to a panoramic view of the resort and the lush green terrains of Western Ghats in Dandeli.

Range of Suites/Roomss

An elegant choice of stay is offered at Jungle retreat in Dandeli. There are river-side cottages built in elegant style, and there are also suites specially made for families who are on vacation. The beds are large, and the space is ample, with balconies and sparkling clean, attached bathrooms.

Pocket-Friendly Packages

Staying at Jungle lodges and resorts in Dandeli could be a costly affair, but you need not worry. Our pocket-friendly and exciting holiday packages will provide you maximum fun at unbelievably low prices.

So you can relax as the tariff plans for Best River Rafting are very reasonable and easy in your pocket.

Benefits That You Get

A Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

There is a multi-cuisine restaurant at Jungle Resorts Dandeli with a large seating capacity to give a world-class dining experience to guests. Guests can enjoy a number of cuisines ranging from North Indian to South Indian to Chinese, Italian, and Continental.

Exciting Deals

Best Dandeli Resort Packages comes with exciting deals that will leave you amazed and surprised. There are special offers and discounts during specific time periods, and you can avail of them if you make your booking during that time.

All-Inclusive Holiday

Dandeli River Rafting & Camping, as well as the stay at Dandeli resort, is an all-inclusive vacation that has been designed in a way that guests get maximum pleasure and fun. As travel experts, we have complete knowledge of the destinations, and you will make the most of your time and budget.

Additional Assistance

If you are looking to explore local villages around Dandeli, shop at the local markets, and try the authentic coastal dishes, then there is assistance for you to do so at Dandeli Resorts. There are travel experts who will guide you so that you take back happy memories of your visit and stay.

Customer Service

At the best Resorts in Dandeli, there is excellent room service for the guests. The staffs are very courteous, well-mannered and guests are treated with a lot of care and love while they are staying at the resort.

Things To Do in Dandeli

Dandeli Resorts
Dandeli Resorts
Dandeli Resorts
Dandeli Resorts
Dandeli Resorts
Dandeli Resorts

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Dandeli is well-connected via roadways from Bengaluru as well as Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. The nearest Railway Station is Londa junction (24 km), from where you can get transportation to Dandeli.

Yes. the river guides are highly skilled and professional at Best Resorts in Dandeli. They strictly follow safety standards and take care of everyone.

Though reasonably priced, the Book Resorts & Rafting tariff depends upon the season; ongoing discount offers as well as the size of the group visiting.

Yes, there is ample parking space for visitors so that they can park their vehicles without any hassle or problem.

Free Wifi, hot water, room service, free toiletries, clean towels, television, writing table, stationery, refrigerator, and air conditioner amongst others.


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