Dew Drop Resorts – Best Resorts in Dandeli for A Luxury Vacation Retreat

Planning for an adventurous trip?

Whether you are a nature admirer or someone who loves jungle safaris and wildlife; whether you're an adventure seeker who loves river rafting or camping on hilltops and sightseeing, or just a family person, planning for a small outing with family and kids; Dandeli has everything that you are looking for.

Located next to the ravishing Kali River of Western Ghat, Dandeli opens up a universe of thrilling, adventurous experiences for tourists and sightseers.

Relax at the hilltop, give your daring soul a toss with river trekking and jungle safari, watch the birds giggling and wildlife animals making a spectacular show during night time, and enjoy the luxury experience of BestHomestay in Dandeli!

Dine-in at the riverside camps while enjoying mouthwatering barbecues at campsites. There's just so much waiting for you in Dandeli. Come and experience everything that you've ever dreamt of being a traveler. Let Dew Drop Resorts – one of the Best Dandeli Jungle Resorts be your host for this trip.

Dew Drops – Taking You Deeper To The Heart Of Dandeli's Nature Paradise

Dew Drops is not just one of those common Resorts In Dandeli. It is an exclusive, elite, and seclusive gateway to explore and experience the deciduous jungles of the city and to relish various adventurous sports activities.

The unblinking eyelids of great Indian hornbills daring you to come closer while an exclusive and rare glimpse of an elusive black panther may make you enjoy the Best Homestay in Dandeli!

You are also likely to enjoy the sheer majesty of elephants while seeing the birdwatcher's paradise with more than 200 species of birds, enjoying the enormity of the lush greenery and forest while exploring the ancient secrets of the locality!

The guests of this finest Resort In Dandeli are given all possible services and options to explore the city's jungle, wildlife, and sightseeing locations, directed by a professional and trustworthy guide.

The significant services and activities of Dew Drops include:

  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • River rafting & crossing
  • Jungle trekking & safari
  • Camping
  • Birdwatching
  • Sightseeing
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain trekking
  • Jungle stays

Other Specialties Of Dew Drop Resorts Dandeli

Being the Best Luxurious Resort InDandeli, Dew Drop presents you a plethora of options for exploring the wonderfully charming wildlife getaway, endowed with the richness of flora and fauna, the blissful greenery, plenteousness of nature, reptiles, amphibians, indulge in seeing the flowering plants, and luxuriate in the popular sightseeing places of this popular western Indian city of Karnataka with Dew Drop.

From state-of-the-art cottages, comfy rooms, luxurious villas, executive suites, fine-dine options, and hilltop camps – Dew Drop Dandeli Resorts offer the most extensive and lavishing range of accommodation options to the guests without breaking their bank.

Its Luxury Resorts & Homestays packages are affordable and designed to cater to the diverse budgets of the guests and tourists.

The primary reason why Dew Drops is counted among the most luxurious Dandeli Resorts is its deliverance of perfectly balanced modern and country life.

The deluxe rooms, commando cottages, and campsites of the resort feature variously designed sit-out areas; overlooking the lush jungle, while its services include a multitude of adventurous sports activities.

All of these are offered to guests without making a hole in their pocket.

Despite offering great affordability, the best Resorts Near Dandeli never compromise with the luxury needs and requirements of their guests.

It has a fine-dining hall with an attached bar, lavishing rooms, great food, prompt on-call services, numerous attractive and inexpensive activity packages, extensive water sports options, and a plethora of other recreational activities for travelers and sightseers, couples, and families.

Why Choose Dew Drops?

Dew Drops is the Best Dandeli Jungle Resort because it provides the tourists the finest wildlife encounters in the locality.

Lush greenery, wildlife, thrilling campsites, and scenic jungle views are just a few things that await you at this most luxurious, bestowing, and Best Resorts In Dandeli.

No matter if you are here for a fun-filled adventure trip with friends or a family outing to enjoy the natural environment or for a serene escape from your bustling city life, this resort has something for everyone.

Enthralling vacations, backed by various outdoor sporting activities, recreational facilities, and adventitious sports offered by Best Resorts In Dandeli, can ensure you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

From couples-special luxurious deluxe suites to the all-inclusive commando cottages to the camping sites, this Best Luxurious Resort InDandeli offers you the best-in-class accommodations in Dandeli.

Plus, its well-mannered staff, prompt services, affordable tariff, and warm hospitality make Dew Drops stand out from other Resorts Near Dandeli.

Also, Dew Drop, despite being one of the Best Dandeli Jungle Resorts, has been playing a pivotal role in maintaining the ecological stability between nature and modern lifestyle.

Dandeli Resorts not only lets you unwind the deepest knots of your mind with recreational and adventurous sports but also ensures you the most comfortable stay when you are back to the villa.


Things To Do in Dandeli

Rest your tired soul at Dew Drops today

Living with nature is often seen as a forgone concept in the modern, fast-paced world. The Dew Drops will bring you to the raw form of Mother Nature and let you lose your worries and cares.



Being the Best Resorts In Dandeli, all our packages cover full-course meals, lodging, tickets for park visiting, indoor and outdoor sports, adventurous activities, wildlife & jungle Safari.

Depending on the package you choose, you will be given a personal jeep for safari or spacious shared luxury safari tours.

Definitely YES! Kids will be allowed to indulge in adventurous activities under the supervision of professional guides appointed by Best Luxurious Resort In Dandeli.

To get the best sightseeing experience, you are requested to book at least 2-night Luxury Resorts & Homestays packages at our resort.

Depending on guests' requests and packages, our Dandeli Resorts provide the service to pick-up and drop-off at the nearest airport and railway junctions.

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