Dandeli Resorts

The beauty of heaven. The thrill of life. All put together at the heavenly abode that is Dandeli.

Breathe in the Beauty of Nature

One of the best Dandeli Resorts is here to offer you a little piece of heaven at Dew Drops Dandeli Resorts. Here, you can find the most luxurious suites with all the facilities you could ever dream of. Or, you can choose to be closer to nature and take in the beauty of the planet that we inhabit. The soft sounds of the river, the wind bustling the leaves in lush trees, the chirping of birds and the wonderful color palettes of the open skies, are all yours to cherish at Dandeli Resorts.

Karnataka’s closest getaway where you can watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets as you pamper yourself with the most sophisticated fine-dining experiences. Pick the perfect combination of services from the Dandeli Resort Packages so that you can have a time here that you can never forget.


Adventure at Dandeli Resorts

Try out the adventure sports at Dandeli Resorts that thrill you to the core and remind you of the excitement of life. Be enthralled with the adrenaline rush that comes with finding harmony between your body and raw, untouched nature. Go on exciting Safaris to explore the untouched side of India, or hike with your friends and conquer the road less taken.

Try your hand at water sports at Dandeli Resorts and feel the cool waters against your skin as they wash away your tiredness from urban lifestyles. Replenish yourself with earthy energy and feel renewed with these exhilarating adventure sports.

See unique wildlife through safaris or birdwatching treks, never possible anywhere else. Dandeli has a plethora of beautiful local wildlife that you can appreciate thanks to the treks organized by Dandeli Resorts.


Make Memories to Cherish for Lifetime

The combination of nature and luxury is hard to forget. Even then, at Dandeli we have a range of exciting activities for you to partake in. We organize DJ nights for you to jam and dance at so that you can listen to your favorite music and combine all your pleasures while escaping the pressures of the real world and the fast pace of the city.

For runaway weekends, you can try out camping and really hit pause on school, work, or anything that holds you down from enjoying life for what it is: simple. Try out some humble living to be invigorated with the reminder of how little you need to be happy.

Roast marshmallows around a bonfire, strumming on a guitar and humming your favorite tunes with your friends. These are memories you could never leave behind; a piece of Dandeli stays with you forever.

A Closer Look at Nature

We forget how beautiful our blue and green world truly is. Spot over 200 different species of birds, unique to the locality. Watch out for black panthers, tigers, crocodiles, and other animals, rarely seen anywhere else.

Here is Dandeli’s forte when it comes to nature; it is barely explored. Live in an untouched part of nature to truly experience it.

Find flora and fauna that you can touch, not just on a screen. This little city in Karnataka is little known, but has a world of its own to offer.


An Affordable Luxury Stay At Dandeli Resorts

Dandeli Resorts offer the best of all of it. Get prompt service at the click of a button, eat lavishly at the fine-dining hall, enjoy at the attached bar, and try out different recreational activities without burning a hole through your pocket.

Never before has such luxury been so affordable. Dew Drops Dandeli Resort offers the perfect mix of adventure, nature, and sophistication at rates that will let you enjoy and be in the moment without having to worry about how much you are spending.

Dandeli is a reminder of the giving love of Mother Nature. It opens itself to you throughout the year. Its climate is hospitable, no matter the time of the year so that you can book yourself a getaway anytime you need it.

Dew Drops Resort Dandeli

Become one with nature at Dew Drops Resort Dandeli, one of the best Dandeli Resorts with the most adventure filled activities. Explore wildlife in Luxury. Spend a weekend enjoying harmonious scenery at a resort that offers a slice of heaven on earth.

Dandeli Homestays

The most enchanting accommodations of all Dandeli Resorts. Soak in the serenity of open skies and green surroundings with our amazing Dandeli Homestays. With world-class amenities at every turn, our homestays are one of a kind.

Dandeli River Resort

Let your hair down while listening to the soft, soulful sounds of the river. Or, add zest to your life with thrilling water sports kayaking, river rafting, and ziplining. At our Dandeli River Resort, you can do it all.

Dandeli Resort Packages

Celebrate with friends, make memories with families, or spend romantic quality time with your partner with our special packages, curated to your needs. Pick your adventures or give yourself some well-deserved downtime as the sounds of nature envelope you into calmness.

Dandeli Jungle Resort

Explore the unbound beauty of wildlife at our Dandeli Jungle Resort. See elephants, panthers, tigers, and other such exquisite animals without compromising on comfort and luxurious facilities.

Things To Do in Dandeli

Rest your tired soul at Dew Drops today

Living with nature is often seen as a forgone concept in the modern, fast-paced world. The Dew Drops will bring you to the raw form of Mother Nature and let you lose your worries and cares.



There are several adventure activities that you can engage in, to make your stay at Dandeli resorts worthwhile. You can go river rafting, trek amid the verdant landscape, try some water sports, or go on a Safari!

The nearest airport to Dandeli is the Hubballi Airport which is 50 km away. From here, you can take a taxi or private vehicle. The nearest railway station is at Dharwad, which is 46 km away. From here, you can hail a private car or taxi. There are no direct buses that go to Dandeli.

While Dandeli has a year-round pleasant climate, the ideal time to visit would be between October to May, that is, after the monsoons.

Some popular destinations among visitors at Dandeli resorts, include the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali River, Shiroli Peak, and Sykes Point.

You can cover the popular tourist destinations within 3 days. However, if you plan to go on a bird-watching trek, safari, or try some adventure sports, you can book your stay for 5-7 days, depending on the activities you want to try.

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