Experience Best Nature with Dandeli Homestays Packages & Enjoy Affordable, Memorable Vacation

Are you a nature lover, a person who enjoys spending time in the bounty of nature and observing flora and fauna? Does the rustle of the leave, the scent of earth, the birds chirping, and the pristine waters of wild streams fascinate you? If yes then we have got a surprise for you.

The all-inclusive Dewdrops Best Homestay in Dandeli will offer the solution to your stress and satisfy your travel lust. To ignite the wanderer passion in you, Dandeli resort is offering Dandeli Homestays and Dandeli Homestay Package, which come with a lot of exciting stuff for explorers and vacationers.

Located in the green environs of Bandipur Forest Reserve, we are the best resorts in Dandeli, offering a complete holiday experience and an unbelievable homestay in Dandeli.

This holiday season we are giving you the best package deal. As one of the best luxurious resorts in Delhi, we are famous for our hospitality and service. If you stay here once and compare us with other resorts near Dandeli then you will discover how different we are from the rest that are in the business and provides luxury resorts and homestays.

Nature has the solution to all your problems. It gives peace, tranquillity and soothes the soul besides bringing us close to mother earth. In order to give nature lovers a unique travel experience in the most pristine and lush green surroundings, Dandeli Resorts & Homestays is offering a number of exciting holiday deals which you can avail of this holiday season.

As the best resorts in Dandeli, our homestays are all-inclusive so that you can relax and get your privacy and pampering at a very affordable cost.

Over the years, we have hosted numerous guests who have had the joy of witnessing the beauty of nature at its very best, all thanks to jaw-dropping Dandeli packages. Our guests have made memories and taken back loads of stories to cherish and remember all their lives. Our goodwill and service make Dewdrops best homestay in Dandeli.


Why Choose Dewdrops Dandeli Resorts For Your Stay?

Value for Money

Staying at Luxury Resorts & Homestays can be a bit costly affair, but when you have your bookings with Dandeli Homestays, then tariff/price/charges are just a figure for you. Dandeli homestay packages are super cheap, and you don’t have to worry about bills running into unbelievable figures.

Great Fun For All

When a family comes on vacation, it is time for them to kick back and relax. But keeping everyone happy and content is not an easy task. Thus, we at Dandeli Homestays have the best options for everyone so that everyone has something interesting to do, irrespective of their age and gender.

Fine Dining Experience

Being the best resort in Dandeli, the menu is full of mouth-watering and lip-smacking dishes and desserts whose aroma is enough to intoxicate you. Our expert chefs create some of the tastiest food, and visitors get to experience the best of cuisines at Dandeli homestays.

Safe and Secure Stay

You can relax and unwind without having to worry about security and safety. There is an excellent surveillance system at Dandeli Resorts & Homestays, and owing to the threat of covid-19, regular sanitization of the premises is also done to make your stay safe and hygienic.


For us, credibility and professional ethics are the cornerstones of the business process, and we provide the best of services to our guests in the most experienced and appropriate manner. Our staff is extremely courteous and will treat you like royalty, taking care of all your comforts and needs.

Benefits Of Opting For Dandeli Homestays

Discounts On Homestay Packages

If you book your stay with then you will be entitled to special discounts on Dandeli Homestay Packages. Our offers are the best, and we guarantee you that you will not get such benefits anywhere else.

Pre-planned Itinerary

Travel planning is very time-consuming as you have to do a lot of brainstorming. However, our travel itinerary is there for your help and to save your time so that you can explore all you want without missing out on anything.

Enjoy Best Accomodation

The rooms and suites are exceptionally beautiful, sophisticated, clean, and functional. These have been made in such a way that you get maximum comfort during your time at Dandeli homestays.

Easy Transporation

The great location of resorts in Dandeli is an added advantage for visitors as it is well-connected through a road network, and guests will not face any difficulties reaching here.

Extra Amenities

A plethora of exciting amenities like toiletries, perfumes, books, clean towels, etc. come complimentary with your stay at Homestays in Dandeli. You will also get laundry service and room service during your stay at Dandeli Homestays.

Things To Do in Dandeli

Rest your tired soul at Dew Drops today

Living with nature is often seen as a forgone concept in the modern, fast-paced world. The Dew Drops will bring you to the raw form of Mother Nature and let you lose your worries and cares.



Yes. Keeping in mind the ever-increasing number of visitors, Dandeli Homestays are open to online advance bookings that can be done using our website.

Absolutely. We have a number of places where kids and children can relax and have a good time while their parents relax and unwind.

The room service is astonishingly excellent, and the staff takes every comfort of guests.

The packages are priced differently as per their offerings. Well, now anyone can get in touch with our best service providers for details.

Yes, if you cancel your booking before a stipulated period, you are entitled to a refund from Dandeli Homestays.


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