Dandeli brings the untamed beauty of nature to provide an escape from the monotonous city life

Situated at the heart of Dandeli, this soulful resort will refresh your mind and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Get on a journey to witness the beauty of nature amidst a plethora of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and flowering plants. Beautifully tucked under the mesmerizing canopy of the Western Ghats, Dandeli is a picturesque town in northern Karnataka. Surrounded by lush greenery and quaint sight, this exclusive getaway will help your mind to calm.

The Beauty of Dandeli

Dandeli is the gateway to the unexplored side of nature.

Blessed with the natural green Acacia forests, glistening waters of the Kali river, and a dozen of beautiful birds, Dandeli is the ideal escape.The perfect blend of breathtaking mountains, beautiful wildlife, and virgin forest will be a treat to your eyes. Located in the laps of the bountiful river, this place is a blessing of Mother Nature. Dandeli integrates the elements of nature with a hint of adventure.

It is a haven for all travelers with the ideal blend of nature and wildlife. The natural reserves of Dandeli offer various attractive spots for travelers to visit. The place portrays a freshly sketched landscape of cosmic mountains and lush green Acacia forests.

Holding an extensive collection of flora and fauna, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is a unique blend of biodiversity. This exquisite sanctuary is home to many elephants, black panthers, tigers, hornbills, crocodiles, and others. It also has a line of deciduous and evergreen trees.

Dew Drops is a hidden gem for all travelers looking for some serenity and calmness

This resort will feed your adrenaline rush while taming your restless soul. The unexplored and wild corners of nature come alive with Dandeli.

Dew Drops provides you with an extensive range of activities including jungle trekking, zipline, river rafting, kayaking, camping, and a natural jacuzzi. Create unmatched memories amidst the wilderness of nature with Dew Drops.


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Dew Drops has many professionals instructors to guide you in various water sports

Whether you want to go river rafting or take part in Kayaking, the instructors will ensure your safety at all times. The fast-paced city life can be tiring on your body and soul.

Stay with us to witness nature in its unfiltered and raw form. The harmonious surrounding and calmness of nature will make you forget your cares and worries. Reserve your stay at Dew Drops today to become one with Mother Nature.


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Rest your tired soul at Dew Drops today

Living with nature is often seen as a forgone concept in the modern, fast-paced world. The Dew Drops will bring you to the raw form of Mother Nature and let you lose your worries and cares.



Well, you’re requested to plan at least a 3-Nights stay at Dew Drop Luxury Resorts in Dandeli for the best experience.

The cancellation policy of our Jungle, Luxury, & Swimming Pool Resorts in Dandeli varies according to the booking period & season. In the high seasons, we follow a stricter cancellation policy. We provide complete details at the time of your booking.

Absolutely safe! Dew Drops Dandeli Jungle Resort ensures its guests and tourists optimal safety & security while exploring the jungle!

Absolutely safe! Dew Drops Dandeli Jungle Resort ensures its guests and tourists optimal safety & security while exploring the jungle!

Yes, we provide a completely safe & free parking facility to all of our guests within our hotel properties. Guards are there 24/7 to ensure optimal security.

Being one of the finest Luxury Resorts in Dandeli, we offer free Wi-Fi to all our guests across villas, rooms, and public zones across the resort.

With Us, you don’t have to be worried about finding ways to Dew Drops. We have staff on duty to greet you at airports & to escort you to the car to the resort.

Yes, we take extra care of our specially-enabled travellers by providing them wheelchair access.

Yes, we have a doctors-on-call facility 24/7. Plus, every room has First-aid kits for quick medical assistance.

There are no hidden charges for any of your bookings for Dandeli Homestay Packages. We promote complete transparency in transactions!

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